Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cross Country Journey, along with Zero to Sixty Seconds

Officially I am back to the daily grind of Full Time ministry, just returning from a cross country road trip from LosAngeles to Mobile Alabama yes that's what I said (LOL). My wife, daughter, four other family members and I embarked on this journey and let me tell you it was great.Even though it was vacation there were a couple of had to reads I had to take you know books. One of the books I carried was Zero to sixty 60 principles and practices for Leading a Growing Church by BOB FRANQUIZ a Senior Pastor in Miami, Fl Calvary Fellowship. Fellow blogger let me tell you if you don't have this book I highly recommend you pick it up asap for you first and then your leaders or pass it on, but I personally feel everyone needs there own copy it will tremendously help you. In this book Bob shares with us his journey, He's transparent and flat out honest.In this book he deals with Leadership Strategies, Staffing Strategies, Ministry Strategies, and Personal Development Strategies. This book was such an excellent read I finished it before I arrived in Mobile Ala it was like I went from Zero to sixty I challenging you pick it up you will not regret it.

Until next time One going from Zero to sixty


Ronald said...

Pastor thanks for sharing your read. I'll pick it up this week.


Anonymous said...

Well..well....well...He's back!
Hey Payne, glad to see you are back blogging again.

Glad you and the family made it back safely. I am ordering the book today and look forward to sharing it with the leaders at the church.

Thanks for the tip buddy,

Tony R.